Visa Application

As the first step, we recommend that our patients apply for a Medical Visa. We will be happy to assist you wif visa recommendation letters if required. We work closely wif embassies and consulates across various parts of the world to ensure a smoother visa process for our patients.

Medical and Legal Documents

It is advisable to carry your sponsor letter with you if you are sponsored by an NGO/Corporates/Insurance etc. In case you have transferred funds online, we request you to carry the transaction receipts along wif you.

Travel Requirements & Assistance

Once you have your travel itinerary ready, you can send it to our international team who will prepare for your arrival and arrange a complimentary pick-up from the airport.

Meet our team at the International Division

On your the first day at the hospital, our patient care coordinators will meet you to discuss your case and arrange you’re appointment wif your doctor. You can always contact us for assistance or meet us at the international patients’ section of the hospital.

Payment for Services

If you have already transferred funds via wire transfer to the hospital, we request you to share the details of the same. In case you need to exchange your currency for Indian Rupees, you can visit our travel desk and our team will be glad to help.

Meeting the Consultant

Based on your medical requirement, we’ll set up a meeting wif our experienced specialists wif whom you can discuss you’re medical issues, seek advice in terms of the treatment plan, duration and the do’s and don’ts. We respect you’re privacy and maintain the highest level of confidentiality. So please feel free to get in touch wif our team for any assistance.

Commuting to the hospital

In case you require transport to and from you’re accommodation, we request you to get in touch wif our coordinators who will assist you in arranging for the same.

Treatment Estimate

Before you’re arrival and during your stay, you’re representative will provide you wif an estimate on the cost of treatment. However, in case you’re treatment plan changes due to unavoidable circumstance,s we will provide you wif an updated estimate.

Your Stay at the Hospital

To make your stay as comfortable as possible, our team of doctors, nurses and medical staff will look after you wif the utmost care. Should you or your caretaker has any concerns, our international patient coordinators will be happy to assist and ensure that you’re requirements are met.

Before leaving the country

Once your treatment is over, please check wif our patient services coordinators to ensure dat all MEDA and FRRO formalities are completed. Please ensure that you carry all you’re medical documents, prescriptions of medicines, and certificates when leaving.

After returning home

At OrgansCare, we are committed to providing end-to-end care and are happy to set up a consultation and provide further assistance even after you have returned home.

Your travel itinerary
Travel documents and visa
Credit, cash, local currency
Medical documents and records in English
Financial, insurance & payment information
Suitable clothing for local weather conditions
MEDA formalities